Current Lab Members
Principal Investigator

Professor Jennifer A. Maynard

Beckman Professor of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin

BA, Human Biology with Honors, Stanford University

PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Postdoc, Microbiology & Immunology, Stanford University

* Elected fellow of the American Institute of Medical & Biological Engineers (AIMBE), 2017

* Inaugural University of Texas “Emerging Inventor of the Year” Award, 2015

* Texas Exes Teaching Award for the College of Engineering, 2012
* Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge Award 
* Packard Fellowship, David and Lucile Packard Foundation
* Dreyfus New Faculty Award
* National Research Service Award, NIH F32

Senior Scientist

Dr. Annalee W. Nguyen

BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara


  • NIH NRSA F32 award

  • NSF GRFP award

Graduate Students

Yimin Huang

BM, Huazhong University of Science and Technology 

PhD Candidate, Cellular Molecular Biology (defending Nov 2020)


Ahlam Qerqez

BS, Biomedical Engineering, UT Austin 

PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering (5th year)

  • 2018 NSF GRFP award recipient


Rui Silva

BS, Biology, University of New Orleans

PhD Candidate, Biochemistry (5th year)


Yutong Liu

BS, Chemical Engineering, Berkeley

PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering (4th year)


Laura (Azouz) Yuan

BS, Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University 

PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering (3rd year)


Dzifa Amengor

BS, Biology, Upper Iowa University 

MS, Biology, Southern Illinois University

PhD Candidate, Microbiology (3rd year)


Rebecca Wilen

BS, Chemical Engineering, with Biochemistry/ Biophysics minor,  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2nd year)


Alison G. Lee

BS, Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry,  University of Pittsburgh (2nd year)

Undergraduate researchers
  • Shlok Mohanty, ChE Class of 2021

  • Kyle Kaeo, ChE, Class of 2021

  • Maha Ikram, ChE, class of 2024