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Lab Alumni


Dzifa Amengor

BS, Biology, Upper Iowa University 

MS, Biology, Southern Illinois University

PhD Microbiology, 2023

Current: Gilead, Foster City, CA


Yutong Liu

BS, Chemical Engineering,

UC Berkeley 

PhD Chemical Engineering

UT Austin (2022)

Current: Scientist, Dana Farber, Boston MA


Rui P. Silva

BS, Biochemistry, University of New Orleans (2016)

PhD Biochemistry, UT Austin (2022)

Current: Scientist, Abbvie, Worcester MA


Ahlam N. Qerqez

BS, Biomedical Engineering , UT Austin (2016)

PhD, Chemical Engineering UT Austin (2022)

NSF GRFP (2018) 

Current: Scientist, Denali, San Fran CA


Chris A. Stevens

BS Chemical Engineering, U Kentucky

PhD ChE, 2018

  • ​Now: Scientist, Levitas, Menlo Park, CA

Yimin Huang

BM, Huazhong University of Science and Technology 

PhD, Cell Molec Bio, UT Austin, 2020

Current: Post-doctoral fellow, Greg Ippolito/ George Georgiou lab, UT Austin --> 

Scientist, Antibody discovery Biogen, Boston MA


Elissa K. Leonard

BS Molecular Systems & Design, with Distinction, Harvey Mudd

PhD BME, 2018

  • 2014 NSF GRFP

Post-doc, Spangler lab at John's Hopkins

Andrea DiVenere

BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut
BS, Molecular Cellular Biology, University of Connecticut
PhD Chemical Engineering, 2020

  • 2017 NSF GRFP award recipient

  • 2018 NSF GROW award

Current: Sr. Scientist, Abbvie, Boston, MA 


Ellen K. Wagner

BS ChBE with honors, CU Boulder

PhD ChE, 2017

  • 2014 NSF GRFP

  • 2016 NSF GROW

Gigagen, S. San Fran, CA

Kevin C. Le

BS, Chemical Engineering with Highest Honors, UT Austin (2019)

Research Associate, 2019-2020

Current: MD-PhD student, Mayo Institute, Rochester, MN


Edith Acquaye-Seedah

BS, Biochemistry, University of Ghana

MS, Biochemistry, Texas A&M University

PhD, Biochemistry, UT Austin, 2015

Post-doc, UT Austin, 2016-2018


1st job post-PhD: Molecular Templates, Austin, TX


Chris A. Stevens

BS Chemical Engineering, U Kentucky

PhD ChE, 2018


​1st job post-PhD: Scientist, Levitas, Menlo Park, CA


Elissa K. Leonard

BS Molecular Systems & Design, with Distinction, Harvey Mudd

PhD BME, 2018

  • 2014 NSF GRFP


Post-doc, Spangler lab at John's Hopkins

Ellen K. Wagner

BS ChBE with honors, CU Boulder

PhD ChE, 2017

  • 2014 NSF GRFP

  • 2016 NSF GROW


Post-doc Achaogen

Current: Associate Director Research, Gigagen, S. San Fran, CA

Josh R. Laber 

BS ChE, UC Berkeley 

PhD ChE,  2016

  • Baxter Young Investigator award, 2016


Post-doc: Abbvie, Boston --> 

Scientist, BioMarin, CA --> 

Current: Scientist Nektar, San Fran, CA

Jeong-min Hyun 

BS and MS, Biotech, Yongsei University

PhD Cell Molec Bio,  2016


1st job post-PhD: Principal Scientist, Samsung, Bioepis, S. Korea

Xianzhe Wang

BS Biotechnology, Wuhan

MS Biochem & Mol Bio, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.

PhD Biochemistry, 2015

  • PhD Internship at Regeneron (Sum 2014)


Current: Director Antibody Discovery, Immunitas, Boston MA

Zach Frye

BS ChE, Virginia Tech

PhD ChE, 2015


1st job post-PhD: Antibody Discovery Specialist, Compass Therapeutics --> 

Sr Scientist, Sana Biotechnology

Kevin C. Entzminger 

BS Biochemistry with Honors, Loyola Marymount

PhD Biochemistry,  2014


Current: Director of Antibody Engineering, Abwiz Bio, San Diego, CA 

Tarik Khan

BS ChE, NC State

PhD ChE, 2012 


Whitaker International Post-doctoral Scholar at ETH Zürich


Group leader & Scientist at Roche, Late-Stage Pharmaceutical Processing & Development, Basel, Switzerland

Jen Pai Wang

BS ChE, Cornell

PhD ChE, 2010


Senior Specialist, Engineering,  Merck

  • Sumit Pareek, MS Chemical Engineering 2023

  • Elizabeth Bogardus, MS Biochemistry, 2015

      High school chemistry teacher, Round Rock ISD


  • Aileen Dinin, MS, ChE, 2013 (co-supervisor)

      Current position: Technical writer & editor

  • Maria Andrea Miller, PhD ChE 2011 (co-supervisor)

       Current position: Scientist II, MedImmune, MD​

  • Christine ChangBS, ChE, Columbia University, Technician

        Current: Vet School, UC Davis

  • Ryan Myhre, ChE MS 

  • Rakesh Motani, Microb Eng MS 

        Engineer, Amgen

  • Kavita Ramalingam Iyer, Post-doc

Jamie Sutherland

BS ChE, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

PhD ChE, 2010


Process Engineer, Chevron Phillips, Houston TX

Ben Roy

BS ChE Calvin College

MS ChE, Vanderbilt

PhD ChE, 2011

Super undergraduate researchers

  • Katie Tehas, Biology, class of 2024, now at Gryphon

  • Ridhi Patel, BME class of 2024

  • Maha Ikram, Biology Honors, class of 2023

  • Justin Owens, ChE, class of 2023 --> ChE grad school at CU Boulder

  • Zoe Gattis, Neuroscience, class of 2024

  • David Garcia, Biochemistry, class of 2022, med school!

  • Kimiya Monfared, ChE Class of 2022

  • Shlok Mohanty, ChE Class of 2021, CAR-T engineering at Umoja Biopharma in Seattle

  • Kyle Kaeo, ChE, Class of 2021,  ChE grad student at John's Hopkins 

  • ShaoPo Huang, BME, Class of 2020, applying to med school

  • Kevin C. Le, ChE, URF,  2016-2019, MD-PhD student at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Mn

  • Sam & Cina Karimaghaei, ChE 2018, med school students

  • Theresa Wang, ChE 2019, URF

  • Ankur Annapareddy, ChE 2018; URF, grad student in ILS at UT Austin

  • Xinleu Liu, ChE 2016

  • Luciano Posada, ChE 2016, URF, Texas 4000 and Baylor med school research associate

  • Alexis Prybutok, ChE and Biochem 2016, URF and NSF GRFP, ChE graduate school at Northwestern

  • Kristen Arnold, Plan II Honors Thesis 2015, University of Texas at Houston Medical School

  • Devin Jackson, Bio 2014, now grad student in tumor biology at Georgetown

  • Elizabeth Orth, ChE 2014, NSF GRFP honoroble mention, PhD program in Chemical Biology, Gerstner Sloan Kettering, Weill Cornell tri-institutional program

  • Wesley Beckner, ChE 2014, NSF GRFP Honorable Mention, ChE graduate school at U Washington

  • Brennan Hodgson, ChE 2014, U Chicago medical school

  • Devin Jackson, Biochem 2014, PhD student in tumor biology at Georgetown/ NIH

  • Julie A. Fogarty, ChE 2013, URF and NSF GRFP, ChE graduate school at Stanford

  • Dmitriy Zhukov, URF and NSF GRFP, ChE graduate school at CalTech

  • Jeff Coursen, Biochem 2013, Baylor Medical School

  • Sam Parnell, ChE 2012, UTSW Medical School

  • Kevin Kaczorowski, ChE 2011, URF and NSF GRFP, ChE graduate school at MIT

  • Katie McCallum, Microbiology 2010, URF, MD Anderson/ UT Houston PhD program

  • Carly Smith, Biochem 2010, chemistry graduate school, U Michigan

  • Brittany Delforge, ChE 2009, Luminex, Austin

  • Adam Romman, ChE 2009, UTSW medical school

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