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Patent Families

►    Recombinant antibodies for the detection and neutralization of anthrax toxin. George Georgiou, Brent Iverson, Jennifer A. Maynard.  Filing date: Nov 5, 2002; app #10/288,269; Publication # 2008/0262204 A1.  Licensed to and developed as Anthim by Elusys; received FDA approval for use in humans in March 2016.

►    Low viscosity, high concentration nanoparticle antibody dispersion, Keith P. Johnston, Jennifer A. Maynard, Andrea Miller, Brian Wilson, Thomas M. Truskett, and Ameya Borwankar. App #61/451,571.  Filing date: March 10, 2011.

►    Pertussis antibodies and uses thereof. Jamie Sutherland, Jennifer Maynard; App# 61/384104; Pat No. 8,653,243

► Genetically engineered Bordetella adenylate cyclase toxin with superior protective activity and manufacturability for inclusion in acellular vaccines. Xianzhe Wang, Jennifer A. Maynard.  App 62/089,000; Patent filed Dec 2015.


► Engineered polypeptides for antigen delivery. Tarik Ali Khan, Xianzhe Wang and Jennifer Maynard.  App #62/312,021; March 2016.

Humanized pertussis antibodies and uses thereof. Maynard JA, Nguyen AW, Wagner EK, Padlan EA. US patent #9,512,204; issued Dec 6, 2016.


► Stabilized pertussis antibodies with extended half-life. Annale Nguyen, Jennifer Maynard, Michael Kaleko; App #62/375,347.

Bispecific pertussis antibodies. Ellen Wagner and Jennifer Maynard; App #62/375,344.

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