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Targeted Drug Delivery

Pathogens have evolved to target and invade specific regions of the human body.  Many of these regions are important therapeutic targets as well.  Using their naturally evolved machinery, we are designing delivery systems for therapeutics and vaccines.  We are also using some of the pathogen evolved proteins as starting points for lab based directed evolution that may lead to new higher affinity targeting proteins.  These proteins are unique compared to antibodies as they may be more stable and better suited for their in vivo purpose.

Primary researcher:
Tarik Khan

Xianzhe Wang

Yimin Huang

Packard Fdn, Gates Fdn

Overview of Delivery Mechanism

Carboxylated PLGA Microspheres Encapsulating Antigen

Invasin Decorated PLGA Microspheres Loaded with Fluorescent Quantum Dots Shows Targeting Capabilities of the Delivery System

Invasin Mediated Internalization of Fluorescent Bacteria into Human Epithelial Cells

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